Learn Ruby the Hard Way (Zed Shaw's Hard Way Series)

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Master Ruby and become a programmer -- even if you never thought you could! This breakthrough book and CD can help practically anyone get started in programming. It's called "The Hard Way," but it's really quite simple. What's "hard" is this: it requires discipline, practice, and persistence.


Zed A. Shaw teaches Ruby through a series of brilliantly-crafted exercises -- all formatted consistently, and none longer than two pages (including "extra credit"). Just read them, type in their sample code precisely (no copy-and-paste!), and make the programs run. As you read, type, fix your mistakes, and watch the results, you'll learn how software works, how programming works, what good programs look like, and how to read, write, and see code. You'll learn all you need to know about Ruby logic, input/output, variables, and functions -- and, by the time you're done, you'll be building complete web applications. Above all, you'll learn the attention to detail that is indispensable to successful programming.


At first, yes, it can be difficult. But it gets easier. And Shaw offers plenty of extra guidance and insight through 5+ full hours of teaching video on the accompanying CD. As Shaw's thousands of online fans will attest, the moment will come when you just "get it" -- and that moment feels great. Nothing important comes without hard work and focus. But, with this package, if you bring those qualities, you will master Ruby… and you will reap the very real rewards that go with that!

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    jacksayswatt · over 3 years ago · reply

    I started this book after having a solid understanding of programming, which wasn't needed. This book can be your first introduction to programming. For someone who knows other languages and concepts you could rip through the book and all of it's exercises fairly quickly. I really enjoy Zed Shaw's learn the hard way books. You can also find other books he's done at here. I've gone through both the python and ruby learn the hard way books. Perfect for anyone new or old. The only difference will be how fast you go through the book.