Sleep Your Way to the Top

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Jane Miller, CEO and founder of JaneKnows, a career advice website, has spent three decades in the corporate world. For the past twenty, she's become the highest ranking woman in every company she's worked in including Pepsi Co, Heinz and many others. Now, she's written a how-to for millennials wanting to make it to the top. Maybe the only woman to ever launch a book with a lingerie line (boy shorts and black nighties with Swarovski crystal lettering) Jane's story of a small town Illinois girl who made it to the top is a sassy, substantial read, headlined with myths (Size Doesn't Matter/You Can Sleep Your Way to the Top); punctuated by devilish text boxes ("let's walk out now and get drunk on morning martinis"); and containing end of chapter Mirror Mirrors to help 20-somethings on their way to their individual tops. Sleep Your Way to the Top is the go-to guide for grads, pre-grads and new execs, showing us where it's easy to get tripped up, who might trick us and how to make it past the pitfalls on our way to the corner office.